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4 Ways To Give Your House A Vintage Look 

Grace Hopkins / June 9, 2021

In the last decade, the old school has made its way into the contemporary and modern look of a house, thus a vintage touch to a stylish house is the new trend of the day. The priceless antiques, the timeless paintings, the old school furniture pieces, timber flooring by timber flooring melbourne, and the natural accessories have always been there . All you need to be a little creative with them for your home to stand out. So how can you revel the vintage look of your home? Let’s look at these 4 remodeling ideas that can give the right amount of old-school and traditional look to your home.

Vintage Furniture Pieces For Your Living Room

One of the most classic furniture pieces of the vintage era is the chest, coffer, ark, or cassone, whatever you would like to call it. The wooden piece has intricate carvings and iron handles to add exquisiteness. It’s an old-time locker box and families used to save their precious belongings in it. To make it more functional, place it in the living room and it will act as a coffee table beside storing your stuff. Adorned your sofa seating with vibrant cushions and the walls with timeless paintings. On the side, a vintage rocking chair with an adorable cushion would effectively give the traditional vibes to your space. Recreate your indoor porch with old-fashioned wooden chairs and tables and place a pedestal fan on the corner for a perfect vintage look.

Cheers To The Vintage Corner Of Your House

To shift the whole perspective of a contemporary house with the vintage feel might be a difficult task and the mix and match and the transitional effects, at times, don’t create the look we wanted for our place. If you want to keep it simple. Try having a corner at your home that is completely vintage, with no modern paint, furniture, or accessories on it. And a cornered study area is the best option for it. Arrange your vintage study table with an old school desk and an old typewriter on it, for a more comprehensive look, adorn the table with the vintage globe. A vintage telephone and lamp on the bedside table would intensify your traditional design practices.

Embellish Your Walls With Antique Accessories & Lights

Give your walls a retro look with antique photo frames of different sizes. You can decorate your bedroom wall or the stair wall to hang wooden and iron frames. Add visual appeal to your walls with brass and nickel lighting fixtures. Introduce your walls with antique lanterns and roofs with long hanging chandeliers. These retro lighting accessories are easily available in salvage stores, or if you want to be creative, purchase new lights and give them a unique and timeless look.

Vintage Staircase Decore

The decorated staircase of a house builds its character. To inculcate a vintage look to your staircase, install a hypnotizing iron wrought banister if your staircase falls in the middle of the house. Or an elaborate corkscrew staircase to give your house early 19 century vibes. A mere change in the newel post and the handrails would bring the classical signature elegance to your home.

There is a huge misconception that vintage and old schools are all about rustic, stable, and dark shades of wood. Vintage can be vibrant too. It can blend with your contemporary patterns and accessories and break the monotony.