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Karri Hardwood Screening

The potential of Karri Hardwood Screening to fulfil any aspect of architectural or landscape design is limited only by imagination.

Karri is suited to many applications including screens, fencing, wall panels and features which will add contemporary style to any home. Karri Hardwood Screening is an ideal way to enclose an outdoor entertaining area or provide the perfect backdrop to any landscape.

Karri Hardwood Screening is durable and solid, and will maintain its colour and lustre for many years with only minimal maintenance. We recommend applying a protective coating periodically to provide greater longevity for your screen.

Technical Information

The Sustainable Resource

Auswest Timbers is supplied with logs harvested and sourced from sustainably managed forests
by the Western Australian Government’s agency, the Forest Products Commission.

The Forest Products Commission has implemented an environmental management system that has been certified as complying with the requirements of the international standard AS/NZS ISO 14001 and in January 2009 achieved certification to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS).

For more information about the AFS, please visit

To further assure our customers that all timber supplied from grower to manufacturer is sustainably
managed, Auswest Timbers achieved Chain of Custody certification in April 2009.