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Here at Auswest Timbers we harness the beauty and durability of our timbers to create top quality, lifelong products for you to enjoy for generations to come. The only limitations on what we can do lie with your imagination as to what you would like to have. With wood everything is possible.

From our sites across Australia we have access to timbers ideally suited to a variety of uses and needs. Our forests in the south of Western Australia produce two of Australia’s stunning timbers Jarrah & Karri. These unique timbers are used in all of our products from structural work to stunning furniture.

East Gippsland gives birth to the Silvertop and Yellow Stringy Bark tree. Their timbers are ideal for producing beautiful decking that will complement your home for many, many years to come. Your deck is, after all, just a floor outdoor and so should you wish to take your breathtaking Auswest Jarrah & Karri flooring outdoors we make that possible too.

All of our products come from sustainably managed forests and in 2009 we achieved certification by the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) for complying with international standards of environmental management.

We love our timbers and treat them with great respect but we know that floors are made for walking on, beams are made for holding up roofs and furniture is made for using. Therefore, you will be pleased to hear that all of our products require very little maintenance, if any, to keep them looking lustrous and new for generations to come.